Enslaved immigrants sold for their kidneys and liver in Libya’s burgeoning organ trafficking market

Thesis-focused Research Project (40%). This reflective well written and structured paper must be of about 3000-words, double spaced, with one-inch margins, using Times Roman 12pt font. The purpose of this project on a topic of your choice which hopefully will accompany you through the course as guiding lights is to provide you a focal point and the opportunity for an in-depth knowledge on one of the issues that are at the core of the environmental debate. This process includes the formation of an educated opinion on the matter and consequently defend your view and argument using scientific and scholarly sources as well as demonstrate the ability to use vocabulary terms and theoretical concepts. It is strongly recommended to start with a clear introduction that will include a statement about your goal and the structure of the paper. At the core of your paper, please introduce the main argument/s in the form of pro and con, examine them through critical scrutiny and finally defend your view and conclusion on that matter in a conclusion paragraph or two.

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