Essay based on the documentary, “The Crying Forest”.

After watching the documentary, The Crying Forest, submit your answers to the review questions below. Use specific evidence from the video to support your answers to the following essay question: •For what cultural reasons is the Amazon rainforest perceived as important and valuable? For which specific communities, and why? In at least 1,000 words your essay answer you must: ?Describe the primary social groups that populate this part of the Amazon. ?How would you characterize the “ecology of mind” of each group, i.e., what are their cultural attitudes toward the environment? ?Explain all the subsistence strategies that are used to make a living here? ?Describe the social organization of the communities. What role does gender play in organizing these communities, if any? ?List and describe list the political, economic, historical, and other cultural forces that are working to dominate and displace some people in the Brazilian Amazon. Which people? Have they succeeded? What are the latest updates, if any? Upload and submit your essay as follows: 1.Formatted as an MS Word (.doc or .docx) file 2.Double-spaced, one-inch (1”) margins all around 3.No smaller than 11 pt. font; no cursive fonts 4.Cite your in-text references by noting the time in the video (h:mm:ss) 5.If you choose to use additional references, cite them in text using APA style and on a “Works Cited” page 6.Your name, course, section, date, and page number as a header on all pages

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