Essay assignments question part 1 & part 2

Part One (2000 words)

Define domestic Violence and discuss who it effects and who perpetrates is. Use UK statistics and data from academic sources to establish and justify why domestic violence is an important issue within.

Pick one theory from the list provided below and compare and contrast this theory with the social learning theory to explain this particular form of violence (domestic violence).

List of theories

Analysis of theoretical perspective/s. Discuss how these theories can be explained and related to real life situations.

Examine the impact of domestic violence on public health and discuss what are the emotional, physical, financial cost to individuals, services, and society. (Must be UK based)

Finally, the conclusion.


Part Two (1500)

Pick one website from the two which are provided.

Use the CARS evaluation framework to critically review the chosen website and make recommendations as to how any gaps in this resource could be addressed.

Please use attached CARS Evaluation Checklist (Example structure) and answer all questions in each section.

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