evaluate the usefulness of an understanding of the biological basis of the stress response.

The Title: ‘Making sense of Simon and Anthea’s situation through understanding the biology of the stress response’ (1000 words limit) You should write an introduction that briefly sets the scene for the essay, defines what stress is and states a clear argument about the usefulness of understanding the biological basis of stress for Simon and Anthea. (Word guidance: 100 words, 2 marks) In the main body of your essay, you should: Explain how the HPA axis functions when experiencing minor everyday challenges in life, and when experiencing acute and chronic severely stressful situations. (Word guidance: 350 words, 14 marks) Apply this information to Simon and Anthea to indicate the extent to which this biomedical information helps you to understand their situation. (Word guidance: 150 words, 4 marks) Demonstrate how extending this biomedical view by taking a BPS approach helps to more fully understand Simon and Anthea’s situation. (Word guidance: 300 words, 10 marks) You should aim to write at least 3 paragraphs in addition to the introduction and conclusion paragraph. Finally, you should write a conclusion summarising your essay. Make sure your conclusion reflects what you have written in your essay (and clearly states your overall argument). It should not introduce any new information. (Word guidance: 100 words, 2 marks) I will upload the materials necessary.

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