Examine and explore the creative content of film media(Documetary)

This essay is about Examining and Exploring the creative content of film media. The topic is Documentary Films. 1. briefly describe. How do they differ? How are they similar? In what was are they useful? In what ways are they limiting? 2. Provide examples. What are some examples of hybrids? What are some examples of films that fall into sub-genres? 3. Compare and contrast at least 2 specific examples with references to at least 2 films. 4. Describe how you would creatively use aspects of Film genre in a film or piece of media. -Must be 5-7 pages -double spaced -12 pt. font -paginated -1 inch margins -not plagiarized -Please site resources -must not be pornographic, racist, or homophobic. -you may use images to give examples.

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