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Im in international student and i want the writing to looks like an international student i dont want it to looks like a writer work its 3-4 page position paper (single spaced) The position of the paper should either support or refute chapter9 Ries and Trout or Big Models: Country (Region) of Origin Bias i want it to support Country (Region) of Origin Bias . the instructor is NOT seeking a balance between the advantages and disadvantages, pros and cons, and other comparisons. Take a position and support that position with expert opinions from the literature. Students are required to choose to focus on a narrow (even tangential) aspect of the model and explore aspects of theory and practice. Integration and linkage with previous assignments or the alternative assignment for the day is also required and will aid in efforts to truly understand the material. At least four outside sources are to be used of which at least two must be from academic, peer reviewed journals i attached an example of the paper and i want it u to read it first and their is Expectations for the Research Papers u have to read it to know how to write the paper

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