Family Dynamics

This week’s lesson discussed family dynamics as they relate to interpersonal communication and presented guidelines for communicating in families. The family life cycle was a specific focus of your learning. Complete the following: Talk with two people who are parents. Ask the following questions of each parent: What change was least expected after your baby was born? How did communication with your partner and others change after the baby was born? How did having a child affect your marriage or relationship (if the parent was in a committed relationship at the time the baby arrived)? In a 1-2 page essay, answer the following: How does the information you gathered from parents compare with the Chapter 12 discussion of the impact of children on committed relationships? Do the communication patterns described by the parents follow the Guidelines for Effective Communication in Families as described in the text? If not, how do they differ? Requirements: Your essay should be 2 pages in length. Use double-spacing and Times New Roman, Arial, or Verdana font in 12 pt size. Please reference and cite all sources (including the text) according to APA formatting. Review the essay rubric to see how your essay will be graded. Complete and submit your essay to the Family Dynamics Essay dropbox by Sunday 11:59 PM (Mountain Time).

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