Fannie Lou Hamer, The Life of a Civil Rights Icon (Book Report)

Reflect an analytical review of the book Fannie Lou Hamer, by Earnest N Bracey. This should not be a re-hash of the books content. Type bibliography entry, skip 2 spaces and start report by stating the authors purpose(s) and thesis. From this point the report will be showing your reader how the author develops or fails to develop why he or she has written this book. Make analytical remarks about the work Conclude your report with an evaluation of the book. Base the conclusion on analytical view(s) DO NOT FAIL TO READ THE AUTHORS PREFACE, THIS MAY BE MOST LIKELY WHERE YOU FIND A STATEMENT OF THE WRITERS PURPOSE AND THESIS. Be careful reading chapters 1 band the last chapter. This is where the writer setas out his/her case (ch 1) and makes his/her conclusion(s)- in the last one or epilogue. 5 pages, 12 point font, Times New Roman, Double Spaced

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