Field Trip Report: Des Moines Creek Water Treatment Plant

NO CITATION Watch this video: Then download a copy of the questions and type your answers into the spaces between the questions. You may have to conduct some online research to answer some of them. [See the video* below.] If you use information from other water treatment agencies, be sure to compare it with the information from the local agency’s website and check out their Treatment Plant Diagram . Their practices may vary significantly; I want to know what is happening here, not there. I recommend that you check out their Winter 2015 newsletter Preview the documentView in a new window; the article on “Sewer Flow” has a lot of highly relevant information. If you do, be sure to cite any sources that you use. Feel free to add illustrations, photos, etc. The more questions you can answer, the better. Then fill out a lab report as usual. Submit both here, as usual. *Here’s a longer, more entertaining and informative

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