Final Audit – Red Ocean Strategy Current Business Model Considerations

Final Audit – Red Ocean Strategy for General Electric Current Business Model Considerations Using the previous assignments to work off of, please create a Red Ocean strategy for General Electric Grading Criteria Pay attention to THIS… Audit Background Accurately, clearly, and completely identifies the variety of factors that create the unique organizational context Summarize the KEY background/historical elements that explain the organization’s current situation Stakeholder Analysis Accurately, clearly, and completely identifies the variety of stakeholders impacted within the situational context Identify and discuss the relevant organizational stakeholders System Conditions and Issues Accurately, clearly, and completely deconstructs the mix of symptomatic and causal conditions that created the problem(s) currently facing the organization. Summarize the KEY strategic decisions that explain the organization’s current strategic situation Strategic Issues Accurately, clearly, and completely identifies the relevant problem(s) Specify all of the relevant strategic issue(s) currently facing the organization Larger/direct issues should be addressed in depth Smaller/indirect issues may be addressed more briefly Red Ocean Strategic Options Articulately presents several plausible solutions to address the identified problems at the root cause Summarize the proposed strategic options available creating clear ties to the organizational and contextual issues (specified in the above analysis sections) that make these options plausible Strategic Option Evaluation Reflectively evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of EACH proposed strategic alternative using the Red Ocean criteria for support As part of the Strategic Option discussion, specify the strengths/weaknesses and/or advantages/disadvantages for EACH of the alternatives (ultimately working toward building the case for the optimal alternative selection) Strategic Recommendation Proposes a theoretically grounded and methodologically OPTIMAL solution to the organizational problem(s) with significant support for the selection Specify the optimal strategic recommendation to address the organization’s complex mix of problems Implementation Steps Reflectively postulates the short-term effectiveness and intended consequences of the selected solution Specifically addresses the competition and their likely response to the Red Ocean strategic maneuvers by the organization How will the organization defend against the Red Ocean Traps in the implementation Specify the short-term, intended consequences of the solution (i.e. when implemented, the following outcome(s) should occur – increased profits, improved customer service, decreased competition due to Blue Ocean alternative, etc.) Strategy/Structure Connections Deconstructs any structure changes necessary to implement the proposed strategy Specify the strategy/structure connections and the changes necessary to implement the strategy Chances of Success Theorizes the potential long-term effectiveness and potential unintended consequences of the selected solution Specify the possible chances of success and any long-term and/or unintended consequences (i.e. Red Ocean competition, competitor’s reactions, shifts in the external environment, etc.) Professionally articulates the analysis and proposed solution Formally written audit that could be delivered – AS IS – to a member of executive management with pride Synthesis and Insight – Information gathered is effectively synthesized, incorporating all relevant theories, ideas, perspectives, and student insight Paper reflects clear original student input – relevant theories have been effectively synthesized and incorporated – student’s perspective and that of their sources are clearly distinguished YOUR thoughts, ideas, perspectives are CENTRAL in the paper – NOT what the 10-K says Organization – Organization of the written content is appropriate, logical, and effectively conveys the intended point(s) Paper ‘funnels’ ideas in a way that makes the issues, recommendations, and conclusions completely supported Supporting Source Material – Sources are reliable, relevant, and verifiable. High quality sources (NO wiki-anything or generic websites or student papers) Quality of Source Material- Sources provide critical and authoritative evidence Variety in the high quality sources (more than the 10-K and company website) Citation of Sources – Sources are incorporated and attributed in the appropriate format in the body (citations) PROPER citations for ALL source types Reference page- sources are incorporated and attributed in the appropriate format in the reference page PROPER referencing of ALL source types Writing Mechanics- Word choice is appropriate for the assignment; precise, vivid vocabulary; variety of sentence types; consistent and appropriate point of view and tone Professional writing mechanics Written Communication – Standard grammar, spelling, and punctuation throughout without detracting from comprehension or the writer’s credibility Professional writing mechanics

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