Final Paper Outline

A Work Through Time. This is a study of an essay, short story, novel, play, song, painting,

photograph, etc. from the Harlem Renaissance era, with special attention to the Ways in

which critics and/or the public in general received the work. It might also explore the ways

in which this reception changed over time. Any artistic endeavor is open to interpretation

and reinterpretation, a pieces value changing over time with social or cultural change. An

excellent analysis would situate the importance of the work in light of criticism from its

time, show the way views about the piece changed over time, and produce an original

insight that explains this change in the reception over time. Possible pieces include any of

James Van Der Zee’s portraits of Black New Yorkers and/or the emerging Black middle

class (see the ” Harlem on My Mind” exhibit), WI nold Reiss’s sketches of the ” New Negro

Pantheon” for the 1925 Harlem Mecca of the Negro issue of Survey Graphic, Meta Vaux

Warrick Fuller’s ” Ethiopia Awakening,” and so forth.


Questions to answer:

  1. How did critics/ or the general public receive the work of a shuffle in time in the


  1. Why was Shuffle along such a big success?
  2. Yet no production manifested the energy, ebullience, and rapidly evolving

mainstream popularity of jazz culture more than Shuffle Along (1921 a

musical that ran for over 504 performances and launched the careers of

such entertainers as Josephine Baker, Paul Robeson, Florence Mills, and

Adelaide Hall, among many others. – Daphne Brooks

  1. What is the historical context of theatre in the 1920s?
  2. What effect did Shuffle Along have on black creators and artists?
  3. How do critics and the general public receive a shuffle of time in its rendition?
  4. How did a Shuffle in Time change from its original version?

Critic on my Bibliography

Francesca, this proposal is adequate, underdeveloped. While it meets most of

the basic requirements of the proposal and annotated bibliography, I worry that it

does not provide you with the structure necessary to write a successful  paper.

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