Financial institutions job market prep and research

PART 1: MARKET RESEARCHWrite a brief (1-2page, single-spaced) synopsis of 3 different career paths in financial institutions. (Ex. Investment Banking, Commercial Banking, Security Analyst, Economist, Options trader, etc…). Be specific, don’t just say banking. Include the following information:1)What are the pros/cons of each of these careers(ex. Flexibility? Hours? Pay? Etc…)? 2)What is the pay range starting out?PART 2: CHOOSE A CAREER PATHWrite a more detailed (approximately 2 page, single-spaced) report on which path you choose and why (some of this will overlap from part 1 which is okay). Add the following information:1)Name 3 target companies that you would like to work for in your chosen field. Do research and answer the following questions for each of them:a. Is the company hiring in your career area?b. What about THIS specific company is attractive to you?(could be culture, pay, location, etc)c. Does the company have a good reputation for work culture?2)What would be your starting job, and what path of advancement is your ambitious 10-year plan?a. For example, starting job could be a junior analyst and your long-term ambition could be to start your own financial analyst consulting company.PART 3: INTERVIEW FOR THE JOBYou will submit a resume to me for the specific job which would be your ideal choice. This would mean picking one of the firms from above and submitting your resume. Tips: I major in Finance and banking. I prefer to choose a job at a bank whatever commerical or investment bank.

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