Financial statement analysis of the company NIKE

In this assignment you will learn how to analyze and interpret financial statements.. Locate an annual report or a business plan that contains financial statements for the company NIKE and focus on the income statement and balance sheet. From this information you will estimate the worth of the company through valuation. In this 3 page paper, you will explain your interpretation of the company’s financial position as displayed through the income statement and balance sheet for the time period being assessed. If industry averages are available use them to assist you in your assessment by utilizing financial ratios. This paper is your opinion based upon and substantiated by the research you have conducted. Remember you must cite your sources at least two times in the paper and you must use APA. Be sure you have an abstract, introduction, an analysis and a conclusion. The questions and comments below are designed for you to read and consider before turning in your work. Also, further information can be found in articles, and other online references such as Yahoo Finance or Google Finance. See the APA Resource attachment under Course Documents for APA Citation Guidelines, and keep in mind Wikipedia is not an academic resource. Your paper will answer the following issues (not necessarily in this order):• Briefly provide background information regarding the company. • Do you feel the company’s revenues are sufficient, relative to their expenses? • Are the company’s assets sufficient, relative to their liabilities? • What is the basis for your position?Introduction (20 Points)Does the introduction explain what the paper is about? Analysis (40 Points) Does the paper cover the above assigned tasks?Conclusion (20 Points)Process, Punctuation and Grammar (20 Points)Are all of the words spelled correctly?Are the correct words used?Is the wording smooth to read?Does the paper follow APA Guidelines?Is the paper interesting?

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