Food Corporation Case Study – Barilla Research Paper

This is a case study research paper on Barilla Corporation. Description: Transnational corporations influence food production worldwide. It’s the function of big business and we can’t avoid impacts on us as consumers. Transnational corporations have the responsibility to feed millions and make a profit doing so. In this age of rapid globalization, it is the large multinational corporations that provide the food system infrastructure through massive food production and processing, international finance and trade, and consumer supply and retail sales. First, provide an Introduction section (history of the company). Then, describe how the corporation functions in the following four categories: -Food product line -Distribution system -Marketing and branding strategy -Management operations -Next, you will discuss the Sustainability aspects of this food company. If it’s not that sustainable, what would you recommend to make it a sustainable enterprise? -Then, explain the corporation’s Impacts on: (1) Environment, (2) Economy and (3) Society. -Lastly, provide a Conclusions sections (with recommendations). -Finish with References at the end. I started the paper but need editing on what I have done and finished. There is a lot of information on the Company Website

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