Founding Fathers: the Puritans in England and America. Baker Book House, 1996

project on the book: Founding Fathers: the Puritans in England and America. Baker Book House, 1996 Include a descriptive title, a brief introduction, and page numbers. Use standard font size and margins. You must cite quotations, specific data, specific ideas or opinions you get from your sources. Citations should be numbered and noted as footnotes.[1] Include works cited page at the end of your paper properly listing your sources in alphabetical order. Edit your work: correct spelling, grammar, sentence structure, and punctuation errors. Thesis: Why did the author write this book? What is their professional background? What point are they trying to make? This is usually spelled out in the Introduction or Preface of the book. Description: What happens in this book? Include the most interesting passages, events, characters, etc. You should not briefly summarize each chapter. This part should make up the majority of your paper. Context: If helpful, use a secondary source to provide context for what is happening in the book. Cite your source. Assessment: What did you like about this book? Which parts were confusing or less interesting? Was there anything you would have liked to know more about? Application: How did this book enhance your understanding of what you have read or heard in this course or previously. Reviews: What have at least two other professional reviewers said about this book? Do their reviews make sense to you? Do they make points you agree with? Do their reviews provide insights into the book that you had not considered? Don’t give me the reviewers’ credentials in your paper: you already did that in update 2. Go into some detail in this section: it should be about two pages. Cite your sources. What are some related books on this topic that you might want to read? Search for and include specific titles.

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