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Class here are a few paper topics, keep in mind you may also choose your own. When picking a topic please think how you will approach it. Please consider the class, race and gender roles of the time, as well as, historic events and their effect on the subject of the paper. For example the Pictoralists emphasis on the natural gave rise to studies of the male and female nude, created by White, Steichen, Puyo and Anne Bringmans that were informed by the gender roles of the time. The paper should include a well-informed read of what was happening at that time (women’s suffrage, the male gaze’s previous role in art, the typical gender roles depicted in photography of the time, etc.) and demonstrate its effect on the content of the Pictorlist War Photography now vs. then Mathew Brady Studio Photography and western expansion Early Landscape Photography Rail Road Photographers Survey Photographers Kodak Muybridge The FSA Lewis Hine and social documentary F64 group The photo secession DADA Bauhaus Feminism and Photography Social Documentary then and now The New Topogrphics Life Magazine and the picture magazine The Constructionists Photography and identity Photography and its ability to make class visible Diane Arbus Street Photography The Pictorialist movement

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