Global Political Economy & the Making of World Orders

Gramsci: What are the key elements of politics for Gramsci? (see Prison Notebooks, pp. 144ff) How do they relate to the “relations of force”? (see Prison Notebooks pp. 175-85). – 4 double spaced pages, 12 point font. ¾ inch margins. -IF YOU CITE FROM THE COURSE READINGS DO IT LIKE THIS: Braudel (23) (Polanyi: 17) IF YOU CITE FROM ANOTHER OUTSIDE SOURCE YOU MUST CITE IN THE SAME WAY, E.G. (Selwyn 2014::22) BUT YOU MUST LIST IT AT THE END LIKE THIS: Selwyn, Benjamin. (2014) “Twenty-first-century International Political Economy: A class-relational perspective”, European Journal of International Relations, Vol. 23(3): ?1 – 25.

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