government policies for economic growth & macroeconomic stability for short run

i need the assignment by the 20th may 2018 title:Discuss the policies which a government can implement to achieve long-term economic growth and macroeconomic stability in the short-run. must have:To address the above questions, you will need to support your discussion and view(s) by showing the evidence upon which they are based. Such evidence may include the economic policies of country (ies) chosen for illustration, what the governments have specifically done in order to achieve economic growth and macroeconomic stability. Some of these evidences presented may be open to several interpretations, hence you should try to demonstrate why a particular argument is preferable to other interpretations in supporting your point of view. Assignment Guidelines • This is an individual-written assignment. • The essay should be between 1,400 and 1,600 words. • More marks will be awarded for reports, which demonstrated more comprehensive knowledge of economic policies and the global environment and in-depth understanding of the economic issues involved. • Assignments should be type-written using 12-font size and 1.5 line spacing. Please include page number. • References are a key aspect of an essay. Any idea, theme, or argument that you found in the literature and used in your essay must be cited within the essay.

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