Green Fluorescent Protein, Chromatography, and Infrared Spectroscopy

Green Fluorescent Proteins Full assignment can be found: file:///C:/Users/Christina/AppData/Local/Temp/ In a Word document in essay form, answer the questions below: The chromophore of GFP is what gives off the bright light. In the structure shown below, circle 1 amide, 1 amine, 1 carboxylic acid, and 1 alcohol. In the structure shown above, (a) how many amides are there? (b) amines? © carboxylic acids (d) and phenols? Referring back to the Project from Module 3, what IR bands would you expect to be prominent in an IR spectrum of the chromophore shown above? How are the proteins sorted on the column showed in the second video? Compare and contrast the chromatography method described above for GFP to the ones you used and the one you wrote about in your project for Module 2. (100-200 words) Referring back to Module 1, circle on the molecule shown below the area of the molecule that is aromatic and has conjugation. Looking at the derivatives of GFP below, compare and contrast the structures of the chromphores of different colors. What happened to the amino acids, the conjugation, aromaticity and size?

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