Has Bio-technology and the impact on today society gone to far with GMO foods

Description (Request Rough Draft) The Library Research Project is a test of students’ knowledge and understanding of social science and sociology specifically. The purpose of the assignment is to obtain knowledge about a Sociological topic of interest related to the main themes covered in the course. The paper should have an overall focus on issues related to study of society, culture, and social change. The paper should Include discussion and analysis of specific issues such as challenges pros and cons In addition to the topic that you have selected. Conduct a review of the literature regarding the topic that you have identified. Collect information from the literature review, books, and journal articles, to substantiate your Assertions or arguments, i.e., to provide evidence for your hypothesis. Synthesize information obtained from the literature review to develop a clear, concise, and well-developed essay. Demonstrate knowledge that you have gained from conducting the project including new and Insightful observations, implications, and conclusions of your own. Source Requirements Five sources from scholarly publications, including books and journal articles (required). Additional sources, other publications including government documents, newspapers, and magazine Articles may be used (not required). Additional sources, the Internet may be used (not required). Additional sources, interview or observation, may be used (not required). Format APA The required length for the paper is 4 full pages not including the cover or references and annotated bibliography. Recommended Format for Final Paper I. Introduction Research Problem II. Body (analysis and synthesis of main topics) -Library Research (literature review) -Field Research (observation) III. Conclusion Summary Findings Evaluation Recommendations

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