Health Information Management Chapter Questions 6&7

Assignment 2 (6 Questions) **Pay attention to the Assignment Grading Rubric found in the Assignment Resources folder in Getting Started section.** Answer the following assigned questions based on the topics from Chapter 6 and 7 from your (Health Information Management : Concepts, Principles, and Practice) book. 1) Name three processes that you would expect to see in place for information integrity and quality in an organization with an EIM culture. 2) What is the purpose of “clinical analytics” or “business intelligence” solutions? 3) Describe the relationship between health data stewardship and information governance. 4) List the five stages of the information life cycle, and give an example of an information management function that might be performed for each. 5) What is the Foundation of Knowledge Model? (You may use external source only for this question for full points) 6) What’s the difference of between explicit knowledge and tacit knowledge. Give specific examples of explicit and tacit knowledge in healthcare. Why would it be important to manage these? Please pay attention to the Assignment Grading Rubric: Note: Regarding Assignment 2, please incorporate “1 or more” external sources for every question answered for full points. (You may use your 2nd book as an external source) Minimum 500 words applies to the total minimum number of words for all the six questions answered within the assignment. Not necessarily minimum 500 words per question answered within assignment.

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