Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention and Warning Signs

READ THE INSTRUCTIONS 1. Briefly describe the topic Health Disease and Stroke Prevention and Warning Signs. 2. Describe the community audience in Miami USA that you are thinking about presenting your Project. (Women and men that gather once a week each time on a different person’s house to read the bible and pray). 3. Using 3 different learning domains Cognitive Domain, Affective Domain, and psychomotor domain, write a minimum of 2 course/project/presentation Learning Objectives for each domain. Using the correct 4 part method, for each objective • Identify the condition ( I will do a power point presentation using a TV.) • Identify who will do it ( I’ll do the presentation, a nurse) • State how the learner will demonstrate • State how well the learner will perform 4. Identify the different Learning Domain for each objective. 5. Provide a detailed example of a teaching method for each Learning Domain Minimum 500 words, APA style, in text citation and 2 references with less than 5 years.

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