High School Athletic Participation and Academic Performance

Topic: High School Athletic Participation and Academic Performance Write the introduction to a proposed study (mixed methods). Include one paragraph each for the research problem, the related literature about this problem, the deficiencies in the literature, and the audiences who will potentially find the study of interest. I will be looking for the following: – Is the opening sentence engaging and does it encourage you to continue reading? – Is a problem or issue identified that leads to the need for this study? – Is the problem framed in a way that is consistent with the approach to research? – Does the author refer to groups of studies to justify the importance of the problem? – Are the citations to recent literature (within the past 10 years)? – Are specific deficiencies in past studies identified? – Does the author explain how the study will address these deficiencies? – Are reasons provided that indicate the significance of the study for the audience? – Is the introduction limited to about two pages? – Is the introduction well written and easy to read? – APA style formatting is a must as well as grammar, spelling and syntax. – Your paper should be clear, engaging, original, and focused. The ideas and content must be richly developed with details and examples. The organization and form should enhance the central idea and theme. The ideas should be presented coherently to move the reader through the text. The voice should be compelling and convey the meaning through effective sentence structure and precise word choices. You must support your arguments and assumptions with 4 – 6 scholarly reference. You must use correct APA style and format for your paper.

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