Historic and contemporary influence of a South Asian or Middle Eastern culture or community on Hong Kong.

In this paper you will research and write about the historic and contemporary influence of a South Asian or Middle Eastern culture or community on Hong Kong Choosing a culture or community. First identify a community or culture that has had both historical and contemporary influences on Hong Kong. For example, you could choose a regional community, a religious community, or another type of community or culture of your choosing. • Researching your paper. Locate secondary sources that will inform you about both the history and the contemporary influence of the community or culture you have chosen. o You must use at least 3 scholarly sources to write your paper. Failure to meet this minimum will result in an F grade. Scholarly sources are limited to books in the university library and academic journal articles. Check with the librarian or instructor if you are unsure whether your source is scholarly. o You must utilise at least 2 Hong Kong newspaper articles written about the culture/community you have chosen. The articles may be contemporary or historical. Make sure that you read the newspaper articles critically and consider what they can tell us about media and public attitudes towards the community/culture. • Writing your paper. o Your introduction will briefly outline the scope of the paper and summarize the main points you will make. o The main body of the paper must discuss the following elements: ? A discussion of the history of the community’s presence in and influence on Hong Kong. ? An analysis of the community’s impact upon an aspect of the territory’s landscape or architecture. For example, you could discuss the history, aesthetics and social impact of a religious temple or mosque which serves the community. ? An analysis of the community’s influence on popular culture, such as consumption practices or film and television. ? You may also discuss other relevant aspects of the community/culture, such as its economic contribution and the challenges it faces in Hong Kong. o The paper should contain a conclusion, in which you will reflect upon the diffusion of other cultures to Hong Kong.

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