History and Development of Important Sites on the Web

slashdot.org  are  Netflix the assignments The reports you prepare will be a major part of the information to be provided in your website. The reports should be written as a traditional academic paper (such as you might prepare for an English or psychology class). They should be all text, with no pictures, graphics, graphs, or visuals of any kind. They should have an appropriate References section at the end of the paper (that is not counted in the length of the paper). Keep in mind that websites are visual, and as such you will not be simply pasting your reports into a website. As you are doing your research you should also be finding and making note of appropriate visuals (photos, graphics, graphs, drawings, diagrams) and/or audiovisual materials that you can use to illustrate the information you will be presenting in your website. Upon conclusion of Tasks 1, 2, & 3, you will share some of your reports with other students taking this course this semester, and other students taking this course this semester will share some reports with you. This is a way of ensuring everyone has sufficient content to make a good website.

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