history assignment

You have learned how newspapers and magazines can carry bias, now you will find an example. You will conduct Internet research to find an image, from either a newspaper or a magazine, that contains bias on a topic that interests you. One option may be to locate a political advertisement or political cartoon. After selecting an image, you will write a paragraph addressing the following: Explain the subject of the image. What is the image about? What is its message? Describe the bias in the image. How is the artist depicting the topic in order to persuade the viewer? Label each reference to the sources with proper citation: any direct quotations or references should be followed by the last name of the artist and the year of publication, in parentheses. Example: (Jones 2015). At the conclusion of your paragraph, properly cite both of your sources, following the guidelines of image citation. Click here to access the Image Use and Citation Guide for reference. Click here to access to rubric for this assignment.

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