How 18th century architecture has influenced the Suzhou Museum.

Discuss in which ways historic museum architecture as it has developed from approximately the 18th century onward is still influential (or not) on the design of contemporary buildings for art museums. Research an art museum building that was completed after the year 2000, is not located in either Europe and North America (Canada, USA, and Mexico). I chose suzhou museum but if another one meets these criteria, thats fine. I found some sources for suzhou museum already: Ivy, R. (2007). I.M. Pei, FAIA, on the Suzhou Museum. Architectural Record, 195(5), 190. Ivy, R. (2007). I.M. Pei returns to his family’s hometown in China and designs the Suzhou Museum for a sensitive, historic site. Architectural Record, 195(5), 186. I need: all direct or indirect citations must be referenced in end notes, all sources used must be listed in a bibliography. — A clear explanation of both your hypothesis (against which your papers will be read), and of the structure of your paper (how will your argue your case) in the introductory paragraph; — How clearly the beginning of each paragraph introduces specific topics and themes;— The use of an appropriate structure for comparative essays, either sequential (means progressing from introduction/hypothesis to buildings A, B and C, to the conclusion) or conceptual structure (moving along conceptual points that you wish to make with regard to the buildings that you compare);— Close focus of your selection and discussion of key examples of works of architecture, designs and/or plans for buildings and public spaces, as well as contemporary and later texts;— Comparative reference to art works and buildings, or individual aspects of them, by other artists and architects;— The use of sources other and more specialized than those included in the course reader and in the bibliography;— The existence of arguments and observations other than those presented to you in class meetings and/or the course readings;— An indication of your awareness of how other scholars might have thought about the subject. Thus, careful and complete referencing of your essay is required, including a bibliography of works used and read in preparation of the assignment. — The care with your paper references the names of the architects, the locations of buildings, and the dates for designs and/or construction of buildings you mention in the paper. — The care with which you refer in your text to illustrations provided with your assignment;— reference the sources of illustrations;— correct use of grammar, correct spelling, careful referencing of books, articles, journals, and web sites. ? Good sources to research an appropriate art museum building are  + Architectural Review, a monthly, international journal published in the UK.  + Architectural Record, a journal published in the U.S.  + AD [Architectural Design], an international journal published in the UK, not to be confused with A.D. [Architectural Digest]! Printed journals offer usually photographs, and drawings and plans.  The latter two will be helpful to make arguments for or against any possible relevance of older, European museum buildings.

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