How Communication, Power and Privilege are Related

This assignment has 3 parts: Part 1: Write a paper about How Communication, Power, and Privilege are Related, 300-500 words, regular format, provide works cited (references). Include topics about the following: a. Multicultural communication at work b. How stereotypes about leadership hold women back c. How you speak shows where you rank Please refer to the file attachments and show how communication, power, and privilege are related. Part 2: Find a youtube video about power, or privilege, or workplace discrimination, less than 10min long, provide a link to the video. Part 3: Answer these questions about the video, doesn’t matter how many words. First paragraph, Summarize what the video is about Second paragraph, Explain how does this video relate to a specific reading/video/lecture from our class? (In class we discuss about discrimination in the workplace, language discrimination, religious discrimination, affirmative action, racism, stereotypes, prejudices) Third paragraph, Evaluate the video, is it a good video? Is it problematic? Thats it! Please let me know if you have any questions.

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