How did the avant-garde challenge museum culture and the viewing experience?

This is a ‘History of Art’ paper. It will require an individual with: -A Degree level education in the history of art or European Social history of the 20th/21st century. -Western educated the deadline for which is 12 midnight Wednesday 20th Feb 2019 (GMT) It’s focus is, through using the sources I have provided, to first define the “avant garde” emerging in art. I place this at around 1917 with Duchamp, you have an article on him for reference.. After doing this initial point, I would explore the writings of O’Doherty Brian and T.J Demos on Duchamp alongside Haus der Kunst’s talk, a video I have enclosed. I shall also enclose some of my own work, so that there is an indication to the writer of the kind of quality that is requred in a Cambridge supervised essay. If this quality is not met I will ask for a deduction in price, or potentially a refund if this is clearly not the work of a human, but instead an essaybot. I will enclose all the helpful materials and there is plenty of time too! I would ask you prioritise this work to some extent though. Best M

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