How do we identify, entice and add value for customer?

Porters Five Forces model is a well-known approach to developing a sustainable competitive advantage. For a company to develop a competitive advantage, however, the four functional areas, as described in Chapter 2, and the employees must effectively work together toward shared goals and manage the complex interactions of ideas, people, and capital. Address the following: •Describe your Capsim team’s experience with the interactions of your teams functional areas. •What sustainable competitive advantage were you able to develop, if any? •How did your team balance the needs of internal and external stakeholders? •What are the marketing realities your team faced and how did you address them? Your discussion posting must be at least 250 words in length, and contain a library-based, scholarly citation and a supporting reference. Use the CSU-Global Library or other online resources to retrieve your scholarly or peer-reviewed articles and journals. ( ONLY NEED 250 WORDS)

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