How Nanotechnology use in molecular biology, environmental issues.Biotechnology with specific examples.

*1)” It’s due 8am Monday morning central daylight time”. 2) I need a copy of all the articles that is used for there references page.5 PEER REVIEW articles reference also cited in the text. (2) peer refereed scientific journal articles in support of topic. I need the actual copy of the article used. 3) APA Style format well written article 4) 7 to 8 page with proper citation, double space(excluding the title and reference pages 5)1″ margin on all 4 sides 12 point regular time roman or Ariel font (scientific name must be either underline or italics. Manuscript must not have no more than 3 misspelled words *PLEASE DO NOT WAIT TO THE LAST MINTUE TO LET ME KNOW IT CAN’T BE DONE”PLEASE”

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