I need HELP!!! (ACTUAL DEADLINE IS TODAY NOVEMBER 5, 2017 in 7hrs or less) Who’s up for the challenge???

My previous so-called writer “WriterAmos” declined at the last minute to complete my assignment, which he never started working on 2 days ago. Now I have a challenge for an experience writer that is Studybay verified, has a Computer Science/Information Technology background or well knowledgeable of this particular field. Who can write a detailed one page/550 word report that answers the following two questions below with my lab results using the attached zip file. I need this completed today, November 5, 2017 within the next 7hrs so I can submit my assignment 10pm Pacific Standard Time(PST) tonight. The “Writer” of this assignment if completed with excellence, will be awarded a lucrative offer for helping me complete the rest of my 47 I.T. Projects/Lab Reports that I do not have time to complete before December 8, 2017. 1) Explain the advantages and disadvantages of having OSForensics Tools on a USB Drive can be useful in the field. 2) What are your findings from WinHex? Describe the challenges and possibilities of using WinHex and OSForensics for a memory dump during an actual investigation?

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