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Identify and explore the impact of social factors on their development and identity I grew up in a small town in Marmaduke Arkansas where I worked with my family to raise livestock. We raised goats, pigs, and cattle. I graduated High school and moved about 10 to 15 miles down the road in Paragould Arkansas. I am now married to my beautiful wife Anna who I met at my first Job (marco’s pizza) where I worked my way up from delivery driver to shift leader and then store Manager. I am about to obtain my associates degree from Crowley’s Ridge College and I am currently working at WalMart 3 page body 10 points Cover and Reference page 5 points 3 sources 5 points Appropriate use of sources within essay 10 points 3 identified sociological Strata 10 points Identification of Master Status 5 points Turned in on Time 5 points Personalized Strata 20 points Quality of work 30 points

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