Ideas and concepts from the field of child development

Ideas and concepts from the field of child development are pervasive and influence everything from policies, education, and media. For this assignment, choose either a children’s book (e.g., Winnie the Pooh, Curious George, Good Night Moon, etc.), or a children’s television show (e.g., Wiggles, Sesame Street, Dora the Explorer, Cosby Show, TMNT, Sam and Cat, etc.), or a movie (e.g., Toy Story, Monster, Inc., etc.). You may choose anything you that want; you are not restricted to the examples I provided. Then you will relate those ideas to some of the concepts discussed in Chapter 7. In your assignment, provide the following: 1. Provide the name of the book with author, or the television show, or the movie. Remember, you are only selecting one of the three. (That is, you are selecting a book or a show or a movie; you are not selecting one of each.) 2. Provide a description or overview of the book or show or movie. 3. Give specific examples from the book, show or movie and relate it to the ideas in Chapter 7. For example, Yo Gabba Gabba reflects Vygotsky’s sociocultural concepts because the monsters help each other learn specific things through scaffolded learning. Private speech is also depicted because some monsters talk themselves through tasks to help them learn. Sid the Science Kid illustrates the beginnings of logical thinking characteristic of Piaget’s Concrete Operational Stage.

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