Illegal Immigration in the United States and its effects on the labor market

Guidelines The purpose of this exercise is for you to produce a well-argued research paper related to a current issue using at least five scholarly sources (this is the minimum; you can always add more sources if you wish, including non-scholarly ones). Make sure your essay is logically structured and that the evidence you present supports your thesis statement. Your paper should have: 1. Title Page (should include title of paper, student’s name, date, course title and number, and name of teacher) 2. Introduction: Here you must get the reader’s attention, introduce the reader to the topic of your paper and explain what you are trying to demonstrate in writing this paper. Also, state your research question, thesis statement and the different sub-topics you will be examining. 4. Body (at least three sections). Here you must present and analyze the information you collected from your sources in a coherent and logical manner to ensure that your points are clear and supported by examples. Each of your sub-topics should be in a separate section of your paper. Separate the section with underlined headings. Remember, you are presenting information here that will enable you to support your thesis statement. As one of the body sections, use the book by Sarah Horton ; They leave their kidneys in the fields. 5. Conclusion: Here you should revisit your research question and explain why your thesis statement was supported (recapping your important findings). Also, explore possibilities for future research on your topic or in a related field or make recommendations about what how to improve the situation if you are dealing with a social problem. 6. Bibliography: List your sources alphabetically on a separate page using proper APA style. Format: -Your paper should be at least 1500 words (anywhere between 1500-2000 is fine) -You must use size 12 font and your paper must be double-spaced -Separate the different sections of your paper with underlined headings -You must provide proper in-text citations using APA style when you paraphrase. -Avoid using direct quotes -You should cite all your sources in your text

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