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SEE prompt for details. Should include this part into this essay: Of Mice and Men is also an absolutely authentic portrait of a precious friendship. No matter how unfair and confusing the life is, George and Lennie still have the mutually sustaining friendship as the priceless treasure. They stand together, and support each other through times of difficulties. They are friends until death, and they make readers feel the greatness from such humble and small characters. In the end, in order not to let Lennie be caught by Curley and die from humiliation, George shots Lennie when they are talking about dreams. George has to kill his friend, who stays with him religiously, in frustrstion. The author wants to reflect people like Lennie, who are only naïve and kind, cannot survive in this complicated and cruel society. Moreover, people in low status like George could not even keep their most precious thing.

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