Instruction: 1) The answers of the assignment must be printed. 2) Make sure that the content of your answers is clear and understandable.

What does the name of the IS curve stand for? Note the following identity might give you some hint:
My to break the left-hand side of the above equation into three kinds of savings. We have discussed under the consumption model the idea of precautionary savings. Does the idea of precautionary saving apply to the government level and/or the country level? Be creative and please give some concrete examples.
• Brazil’s Economic Structure’s Critical Overview.
• America’s Economic Structure’s Critical Overview.
• Evaluation of China’s Trade Policies and Economy.
Who wrote this article, when, how did they gather this information? Did they provide Apple with this information and ask them to comment on their data?

Profile Apple:
How many products and what kind does it produce
What year did Apple move to global supply chains and why? What do they claim about foreign workers and factories

What is Apple’s strategy for production? Which other industries follow this model?

What is the rationale for this? How does Apple relate this to innovation?

How many workers are employed by foreign contractors in producing Apple products?

How many workers are employed in US by Apple? Overseas?

What is Apple’s profit per employee?

At the time of this article, what is the current value of the stock? What has been the increase in value since 2005? Before the impact of the Coronavirus?

What is an example of a manager’s salary package? What is Tim Cook’s package?

Use the NBS production table and production possibility frontier to answer the following questions: A. Name positions B, V and D. Also, as indicated in the table, supposing Nepal is operating at level T, what is the opportunity cost of producing 10,000 more tons of rice? (3 marks) B. Use the graph below to answer the questions that follow:
• Analytical Study of the supply and demand
• Economics as a science.
• Consumerism Impact and Evolution.
• Interest rate as a political factor in an organization.
• Impact of Unemployment in today’s economy.
• Illegal Immigration affecting a country’s Economy.
• Impact of Supply and Demand on Pricing.
(a) Is there a difference between the price of oil in the market for oil and the price of reserves in the market for reserves? Explain. (b) What is the Hotelling Rule? (c) Does it assume profit maximization by owners of oil deposits? (d) What does it imply about the price at which oil is sold over time? (e) How would you expect non-renewable resource by a monopolist to differ from extraction by a price-taking firm? (f) With a pollution externality, Pigou demonstrated that the presence of a harmful real externality leads private decision making by a profit-maximizing firm to generate an outcome that is not socially optimal. Is that also the case with the inter-temporal externality associated with extraction of this non-renewable resource – is the profit maximizing extraction also not socially optimal? Explain. (g) Is socially optimal extraction of a non-renewable resource sustainable? Lecture: Non-Renewable Resources – Economics of oil 2 (a) A non-renewable resource firms owns two deposits of copper, where the potential amount of copper in the deposits are the same but one is located at a shallower depth and has a lower cost of extraction. How should it exploit those two resources? Should it extract some copper from each deposit every year, or should it do something different? Describe the extraction strategy it should employ, and the underlying economic rationale. (b) Has the world price of oil risen, from 2000 to now, approximately at the interest rate, as a simple version of the Hotelling rule would suggest? (e) If not, why not? What factors could explain this?
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Select two pieces of literature from a culture that you have already met.
In an essay (500-750 words), show how the worldview is communicated through the use of various literary devices. Use at least two scholarly sources, outside of the course readings, to support your view

Please write one page about the following with two comments which I will use to respond to other students: What might be holding you back from taking a giant step into leadership or management at a higher level in which you currently are serving? Are you afraid of stress or stressful situations? How do you deal with the day-to-day stressors of the corporate environment? Do you have empathy on your followers when deadlines are demanding and timelines are tight? What advice do you have for those who don’t have a good grip on the daily grind of work?

You must complete an essay (no more than 500 words) on the following: Describe the importance of leadership and provide examples of your leadership style and leadership that you demonstrate in your school, communities or work.

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