International Marketing Plan: Expansion of a Luxury Fashion Branch in another market

You are an international marketing consultant who has been appointed by Burberry ( a luxury UK brand) in order to identify a potential market for the brand into which it might launch a full marketing campaign and to write a report that presents a detailed marketing plan explaining how Burberry might launch the product in that market. You should look objectively at the marketing issues that they might need to address should they decide to actually enter the market you have identified. You should assume that you are undertaking this work to be submitted to the Senior Management team and you may choose the suitable potential market on which to base your marketing plan, a decision which must be fully justified. Your client is Burberry, international brand and you are asked to advise them on a suitable market for international expansion. You can choose the market on which you base your plan BUT DON’T CHOOSE A MARKET WHERE BURBERRY ALREADY HAVE A PRESENCE. Because if you do your plan will end up being a roll-out rather than international expansion. Harvard Referencing is required.

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