Introduction/ Literature Review/ Methodology/ presentation of data

Hello, Would you be able to fix my grammar mistakes in some of my assignment. I have done them in parts. Its a research paper and it for my final grade.. I will attach two of my assignments i have done but i need to fix grammar mistakes and also would you be kind to help me complete the assignment i still have the abstract to do and the consist of summary, outcomes, implications part. Would be kind to help me finish my research paper that is due this week.. If you can fix my grammar on this papers that i have already did.. But if i you can also help me with Abstract and the last part which is the consists of summary, outcomes, implications and i can always make another order with your request for those two and you let me know how much it is.. Please this is my final paper and i need to do good I need help with editing if some parts are good we can keep that like that but i think i need some help!!

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