Introduction to the powerful new theory of history that emerges from social coercion theory

Humans have individual intelligence that is higher than non-human animals. One aspect of how the brains humans have making them smarter is how human mothers have an extended gestation period, which is important in a community where information is being shared (Bingham and Souza, 2009). I understand that we have discussed in lecture and in readings how important it is that humans are able to cooperate with one another as long as inexpensive social coercion is in place. We are also the pedagogical animal, which means that we teach and learn from one another, thus growing in our experience and knowledge. My question is, how important is intelligence if our cognitive virtuosity results from our access and adaptation to vastly expanded amounts of culturally transmitted expertise (Lecture #16)? It is interesting, considering how much college students, for example, seem to value their intelligence. In one article, the author talks about intellectualism and how one should be able to gather evidence from their knowledge, and be able to argue their beliefs in a reliable manner. So an individual may not be sure if they’re wrong or right about something, but they can use the knowledge they have to make decisions. Furthermore, they state that knowledge is made up of facts. Based on the writing from this author, knowledge seems to aid our cognitive virtuosity, because knowledge is acquired from life experience and what we learn from others (Fassio, 2015). But in another article, it seems that intelligence is related more to application of said knowledge, as one may think those with more crystallized intelligence through vocabulary knowledge would have more complicated semantic pathways, which would enable them to score higher on tests with more difficult vocabulary words. In addition, the author of this article concluded that testing for intelligence may only be helpful at certain levels of difficulty, which could also be affected by how students study, the knowledge they already have, and so forth (Minear, Coane, Boland, Cooney, and Albat, 2018). From these articles, we see that cognitive virtuosity, knowledge, are all related. Seeing how knowledge focuses on acquiring knowledge, intelligence is application of that knowledge, and cognitive virtuosity comes about because of acquiring more culturally transmitted information, I think that intelligence is still very important for human beings. But, when we focus on cognitive virtuosity, it gives us a bigger picture as to why humans are uniquely ecologically dominant compared to other non-human animals (Lecture #16). References: Bingham, Paul and Souza, Joanne. Lecture #16. 30 March 2018. Bingham, Paul M., and Joanne Souza. Death from a Distance and the Birth of a Human Universe: Human Evolution, Behavior, History, and Your Future. [S.I]: urge. 2009. Print. Fassio, D. (2015). Knowledge and the Importance of Being Right. Logos & Episteme: An International Journal Of Epistemology, 6(3), 265-289. Minear, M., Coane, J. H., Boland, S. C., Cooney, L. H., & Albat, M. (2018). The benefits of retrieval practice depend on item difficulty and intelligence. Journal Of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, And Cognition, doi:10.1037/xlm0000486 ***********instruction********** I need some new examples for this statements and my opinion. *********Official instruction******** Well-organized, persuasive. Strong argument with ample & accurate, supporting evidence that furthers our discussion. Well referenced with academic sources. Refers to the opinions and research of other students. Shows scientific thought and writing including showing a clear hypothesis, evidence and attempts at falsification. If a question, references lecture, shows understanding up to a point then clearly asks a detailed question and then goes on to try to answer their own question. If answering a colleague, sends to appropriate place in detail in lecture and/or restates information clearly in understandable terms clearly focusing on ultimate causes. Provides references that are academic and scientific (i.e peer review articles, .gov, .edu,) On Topic of lecture material and professionally written with few spelling and grammatical errors

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