IPv4-to-IPv6 transition.

The U.S. government has put in place IPv6-compliance mandates to help with the IPv4-to-IPv6 transition. Such mandates require government agencies to have their websites, email and other services available over IPv6. Let’s consider that you’ve been appointed as the IPv6 transition manager at a relatively small branch of a government agency (e.g., a branch of the Social Security agency in a medium-size town). Your main responsibility is to produce a plan with a timetable for achieving compliance with the IPv6 mandate. The plan should specify the guidelines, solutions, and technologies for supporting IPv6 throughout the agency branch. The plan should include the following, among other things: Summary of the applicable government IPv6 mandate Brief description of the networking facility at the branch (LANs, servers, routers, etc.) Summary of the main IPv6-related RFCs that pertain to the IPv6 support Cooperation with ISPs and equipment vendors to implement IPv6 support Summary of the solutions and technologies to be employed in implementing IPv6 (e.g., dual-stack, tunneling, translation) Timetable for completion of IPv6 transition Plan for testing the IPv6 compliance in expectation of an audit by the government The deliverable is a report (in Word) 10 pages, excluding the name and biblio pages, with 3 to 5 solid references (APA format), at least. The use of drawings and other graphics is highly recommended. Please note that the case study report will be processed automatically by turnitin.com upon submission (for plagiarism check), and beware that if a similar report has been submitted previously, your report will be flagged as plagiarized. The ceiling turnitin score is normally 15%.

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