Issues In Social Research

please write at least 2-3 sentences about 4/5 ethical

dilemmas/issues that you might need to discuss and address in your group research project.

Research Design


1. Based on your literature review, determine ONE research question for your group


2. What Is your hypothesis about your research question?

3. In thinking about your hypothesis, what are the independent (explanatory) variable(s) and

dependent (outcome) variable informing your hypothesis?

4. Provide a conceptual definition for each of your variables.

OPERATIONAUZATION PHASE – developing your sampling

1. Based on your research question and variables, list 3-4 factors that will be important in

determining the people you will interview?




Based on these factors, what will be the unit of analysis for your research? Why?

Based on the unit of analysis you have chosen, list 3-4 populations/communities of people

that would be a good match for your interviews

Consider your what sampling frame makes the most sense far your project (convenience,

quota, purposive, or snowball)? Why?

Consider your level of involvement with the site that you choose to focus on. What are

some factors that might expand or limit your involvement? Explore both your personal

characteristics as well as physical or other factors that might influence your involvement.

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