Italian Renaissance and Baroque Masters: Issues of Art in Service of Religion

This needs to be at least 300 words in MLA format. Please use academic sources within the United States and use in-text citations. Fully answer 1 of the Following Topics: 1. Donatello is considered the finest of the early Italian Renaissance sculptors. He was known for advancing the ideas of naturalism in the sculpted human figure. Conduct internet research, then examine and discuss two of his works, such as “St. Mark” and “David.” Answer all of the following in your post: What does the word renaissance mean? What does humanism mean? How might the term renaissance apply to these figures? What correlation is there between the figures based on what you researched about the artist? What differences do you see between the figures? What is the function of each of these objects, and where were/are they found? What do they each mean? What techniques did the artists use, and how did they fit into their respective cultures? What is your personal reaction/response to these figures, and how (if at all) do they apply to your life and past experiences?

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