It’s better to be single than being in a relation ship.

A. Yourself: How does this topic connect to you? What are you interesting in learning about regarding this topic? B. Audience: What do you think they know about the topic? What do you think they would be interested in learning about this topic? C. The Assignment: Are there credible, up-to-date resources available about this topic? Can this topic be realistically addressed in the time available for research, planning, practice and the presentation? Give some specific sources with citations here. Please state why its better, the positives and the negatives sides including Strong thesis and outline of it. The samples out line draft will be given and please follow method with exact given instruction Also please Make sure to keep it simple, not to over whelming. Then I will add my personal views in to it. All you needed two cited sources but Please DO NOT USE WIKI and other common websites. Please Look in to the Requirments pdf.

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