Jane Austen's technique to produce a feeling of terror and satirize the gothic novel in Northanger Abbey

Explain Austen’s free indirect discourse and technique to create terror, while satirizing the gothic novel? How are actual terrors such as the famine and colonization contrasted with catherine’s ridiculous delusion? What literary elements are used in the wording and narration to cause humor and suspense? How are feelings of terror or dread being produced and/or undermined in Northanger Abbey? I want to mention the contrast between real world terror like colonization and the english famine at the time and catherine’s imagination. How specifically is the text producing feelings of terror or How specifically is the text producing feelings of terror or dread and how is it sustained or undermined by the action of characters, the description of places/people, or the unfolding of plot? What do these descriptions of terror and/or their ultimate undermining mean in the context of the novel? In what ways does Austen make her reader anticipate a “Gothic” turn in her tale? What are we expecting as readers to happen and why are we expecting it? In what ways does Austen follow through, or not, with these expectations? Finally, what does it mean that she sets us up for a terrifying situation and does or does not follow through? What are the implications for her characters and for her story? Again, demonstrate through the language, action of the characters, narrative assurances, etc. from the text how terror is being produced and/or deflated. You will need to balance quotes from the text with your own readings and interpretations of what those quotes mean.

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