KG1-1st grade mechanical engineering education through a lego education model.

To write a full research paper including: Chapter 1 is introduction to the project and should include aims and objectives and brief background on the importance of such project. Chapter 2 should be literature review .. ie what has been done elsewhere on this topic with majority of sources from peer reviewed journal (30%) and books (30%), rest can be spread from magazine, websites. Remember this project is educational and engineering so there should be references from both …. Chapter 3 should describe the methodology tthat will be used in the project. Chapter 4 should be the expected/anticipated results, ie activities that have been developed and creation of website to show case the results Chapter 5 should be about the discussion of those results, ie the limitations, the applicability, effect of factors on the success Chapter 7 should be project management and here we should compare the specifications and plan from October, to the one at the interim report and how the project is now. there should be differences of the risks in October, January and April .. You should explain why and what was the impact. You should do the same with the Gantt chart … the one in October is different from the one in January and the one in April .. why is it different … Development of key skills what development plan did you put in place, did it work or not, what else should you have tried ? Chapter 8 should conclude the work with the main achievement of the project and future work. List of Table List of Figures Appendices should include 3 Gantt charts, 3 risk assessments and other documents that are not critical or essential but support the work .. for example you may go in detail with 2 or 3 activities you designed and put the others in appendix which will allow you to go deeper in the topic. PROBLEM WITH MY CURRENT DRAFT: What you should not do is to list all the activities you have designed yourself without critically assessing this … you should compare other activities developed with your and explain why your is different or similar.. There is a 54 page rough draft which needs a completely new literature review and serious editing of the remaining materials.

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