Kurdish Issue in the Middle East: A nation without nation

Rubric for term paper Thesis (10%) • Clearly articulates your position on the prompt. • Should be no more than one to two sentences, easily identifiable, towards or at the end of your introduction. Formatting (15%) • Use consistent formatting of your choice (MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.). • Font: 12. • Double-spaced, please! • One inch margins on all sides Organization and grammar (15%) • The essay should have a clearly identifiable introduction, body and conclusion. • Paragraphs: o Have clear topic sentences. o Support their topic sentences and contribute to proving your thesis. o Are placed logically in the paper. • Sentences: o Complete (unlike this statement … anyway …) o Do not run on. • Do not misspell words. • Have a Works Cited page. Analysis (60%) • Your paper should take on an issue facing the Middle East and make a persuasive argument. Think of “analysis” as your INFORMED, WELL READ AND CITED opinion on an issue. The bulk of your grade on this will come from how well your whole essay supports your thesis statement (of course, it will also be hard to do well if your thesis is not strong from the start). • You need to use at least 8 sources. • You must use primary sources in order to achieve an A.

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