Macroeconomics Policies & Conditions- Apple Iphone 8

For this second part of the final project, you will produce a macroeconomic analysis paper related to the publicly traded company and its product or service that you chose for your microeconomic analysis. First, you will select three macroeconomic variables for the United States that directly impact the supply and demand of the company’s product or service you previously selected. Second, you will analyze the extent to which macroeconomic conditions in the United States have affected the financial performance of your chosen company over the last three years using macroeconomic and company performance data. Finally, you will evaluate how current monetary and/or fiscal policies in the United States are likely to impact your chosen company’s financial performance in the near future. Macroeconomic Policies a) Describe the current monetary and fiscal policies in the United States. Consider including how these policies affect your company and its products and services. b) Predict how possible changes in monetary and/or fiscal policy may impact the supply and demand of your product or service. IV. Macroeconomic Conditions and Company Performance a) Describe the trends of two previously selected company performance variables (e.g., sales, stock pricing, net income) over the past three years. Keep in mind these are the performance variables selected in the microeconomic analysis. b) Analyze the relationship between the two company performance variables and the three selected macroeconomic variables for the past three years using a correlation graph. Be sure to include the graph that represents the correlation. c) Assess how the current monetary policy and fiscal policy in the United States may impact your chosen company’s financial performance in the short term (six months to one year). Justify your response.

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