Major essay *disagreeing* with the argument that was made by Immanuel Kant – Moral Philosophy

in the case of the major essay assignment – you will be presenting your own argument on the same topic in response to the thinker whose argument was the subject of your reading analysis (see above), either by agreeing or disagreeing with the argument that was made by that particular thinker and presenting your own reasons in support of your own conclusion on this particular topic (for your reader’s consideration).m and the sociological concepts we have addressed in class. Your essay is not a film review and it is expected that you will use outside sources in analyzing the thematic concerns within the film. For example, while a romantic-comedy may provide us with humor, melancholia, and sentimentality, this genre also has a specific function: to reaffirm the idea of “happily-ever-after,” “true love” and more. The way in which these ideas are presented and made “normal” would be a starting point for an essay on a romantic-comedy. You will examine the issues in your film from the same perspective, critically. You are required to examine the film, and connect the film to the issues CSOC 202 examines in class each week.

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