Make a movie and sell your story to the Investor(The teacher)

This is the story/movie …. Two highly respected friends James (Matt Bomer) and Hit (Yifan Wu) pull a Heist on Atlanta Bank. Annie (Mila Kunis) Is a hostage in the begining of Hit and James stunt then later catches feelings for James. STEPS 1) Intro 2 pages 2) Story 3 pages 3) Conclusion 1 page Talk about the actors, audience, R.O.I (Return On Investment) and describe your story/movie *** The intro: is explaining your division of a company and what you will be presenting on to the executive board. This section should be a minimum of two paragraphs. Include R.O.I (Return Of Investment) The conclusion: concluding about your topic, and why it should be a department of the investors company Remember, no first person opinions and no third person research.

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